Experts are worried about how California’s rising unemployment rate will affect small businesses

In recent years, California has been struggling with a rising unemployment rate. Despite consistent job growth in previous years, the state added only 5,200 jobs in April, a significant decline from the 50,000 jobs added two years ago. This concerning trend is affecting small business owners particularly hard, as they struggle to stay afloat amidst rising inflation and economic uncertainty.

One example of this is Ed Snow, the owner of Snow Properties in Stockton, who highlighted the challenges faced by business owners as costs continue to rise. With no stimulus or PPP money to help alleviate their financial burden and declining consumer spending adding to their woes, many small businesses are grappling with tough financial decisions every month.

Despite these difficulties, there are still 740,000 job openings in the state. However, for job seekers looking for work, remaining competitive and finding the right fit in this changing landscape is key. The healthcare industry managed to add 11,000 jobs last April offering some relief to the job market.

Michael Bernick, a former director of the EDD pointed out that while small businesses are facing pressure due to inflation and higher costs associated with COVID-19 shutdowns and lack of stimulus funding; experts remain hopeful that this slowdown does not indicate a halt in employment opportunities. They believe that with the right strategies and support from both government and private sectors small businesses can navigate through these tough times and bounce back stronger than ever before.

By Samantha Johnson

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