The evolution of Espace: Still the most impressive Renault

Renault Espace, the legendary minivan that was once known for its class and elegance, has undergone a significant transformation. It has evolved from a crossover SUV to a traditional large SUV, symbolizing a change that mirrors similar shifts in the automotive industry as a whole. With the decline of other car classes due to the rise of SUVs, the Espace stands out as an example of this trend.

In its latest generation, the Espace has adopted a more “big” design, resembling an SUV. Despite this change in identity, it remains the largest and most impressive car produced by Renault while still offering practicality and ample space. This redefinition of the Espace’s identity has led to its departure from its minivan origins entirely.

The exterior design of the Espace is less elegant than before but still retains its spaciousness and functionality. The interior is incredibly generous, offering plenty of seating in both rows with seven seats coming standard, with an option for five-seater version providing additional trunk space. However, due to limited space in the third row, it may not be suitable for adults on longer journeys. When fully utilized, the trunk offers 159 liters of space while expanding to 477 liters when back seats are folded down.

The Espace’s hybrid drive system is efficient and fuel-economic. It delivers smooth driving experience covering 80% of city journeys on electric power. Although it has minor electric motor limitations like speed cap at 175 km/h and delayed gear shifts, its advanced steering system on all wheels enables precision and faster cornering making parking and maneuvering easier. These advanced features contribute to making it a top choice for larger families seeking spacious yet elegant transportation without compromising comfort or maneuverability.

Overall, despite being slightly slower than some alternatives due to speed limitations, Renault Espace remains Renault’s largest and most striking car offering comfort, economical drive system and ample interior space – making it an excellent choice for drivers looking for spacious seating options without compromising on style or functionality

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