Lay’s and Pepsi return to Carrefour shelves after three-month absence

PepsiCo products have returned to Carrefour stores in France and Belgium following an agreement with the American food group. At the beginning of January, Carrefour had reported a price dispute with PepsiCo, leading to the temporary removal of PepsiCo brands such as Lay’s, Doritos, and Pepsi products from Carrefour stores in several countries including France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. However, an agreement has now been reached allowing the products to return to Carrefour shelves.

The agreement was confirmed by Carrefour’s director in France, Alexandre de Palmas, who posted a photo on social media holding a bottle of Pepsi between store shelves. The French supermarket chain stated that the agreement was reached in the interest of the customer. Additionally, Carrefour’s Belgian press service confirmed that the agreement applies in Belgium as well, with PepsiCo products returning to the shelves just this past week.

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By Samantha Johnson

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