MORGANTOWN — There was a video that went viral amongst West Virginia football fans this winter when head coach Neal Brown announced to his group that operating backs coach Chad Scott had been named offensive coordinator, replacing Graham Harrell, who had left for a comparable job at Purdue.

It was one particular of these cold January days and they had gathered for a group meeting when Brown produced the announcement, and as the words came out of his mouth, the players went off in jubilation … possibly practicing a locker space victory celebration.

Definitely, they have to have practice.

As excited as the players had been, so, as well, was Scott, who was hit with that bolt from out of the blue.

“It was priceless,” Scott beamed. “First of all, I had no notion.”

Nothing at all like becoming rewarded for the operate and loyalty you have place forth.

“One of the players mentioned, ‘Coach, I by no means saw you like that.’ It was like a small bit of disbelief. It was great to see the reception when coach (Brown) announced it.”

But it does not take extended for reality to hit, and it is one particular issue to be a operating back coach and really an additional to be an offensive coordinator, sort of going from placing fenders on a auto in the Common Motors assembly line to becoming the production manager and possessing to widen our view into all regions of generating an automobile.

So significantly comes up that you hadn’t thought of, as wrapped up as you had been in your personal small corner of the globe.

As Scott spoke about it soon after his initially official practice as offensive coordinator on Tuesday, he ought to have mentioned, “here’s the greatest adjustment for me,” 5 or six occasions, every on a distinct challenge.

The initially time was when he was asked about what the greatest adjustment would be.

“Here’s the greatest adjustment for me,” he started. “I’m so applied to becoming targeted on searching at the operating backs and linebackers operating about but now I have to see the complete image and that is going to be the greatest adjustment.”

And absolutely, it is a massive adjustment, taking into consideration that he now had to be concerned about the design and style of the play, the tight finish blocking, the quarterback carrying out his fake, the wide receiver blocking, and so on.

With the departure of Jarret Doege and the quarterback competitors starting and anticipated to go on by means of the spring involving Nicco Marchiol and Garrett Greene, two completely distinct style quarterbacks from Doege in that they offer you mobility sufficient to add the zone study alternative to the offense, the scope widens for the coordinator.

“The greatest issue we have to do is study the ideas of the pass game,” Scott admitted. “We weren’t as involved in the pass game final year. In earlier years we had been. I could have answered that greater a couple of years ago when we had Leddie Brown.”

Then there’s the matter of positioning. In the previous, he was worried about exactly where his backs had been lining up and exactly where the defense was lining up.

Now he has the dilemma of exactly where he will line up … on the sidelines or in the press box.

This is a lot more considerable than you could consider and he’s not certain how it will operate out.

“I do not know,” he answered when asked exactly where he would be stationed. “That’s some thing we have to operate out. That is going to be hard.”

See, Scott is absolutely involved in just about every play when on the sidelines. You could have noticed on extended runs that he would be streaking down the sideline alongside the ball profession.

“I’ve got to be in it. I’d rather be on the field,” he admitted.

But his duty now is the huge, all round image of the offense and he could have to have to be an eye in the sky on that.

“That’s going to be a huge issue for me. It is one particular of the points I’m operating on, seeing the huge image,” he mentioned.

But let’s go back to the players’ reaction when he got the job. He is a player’s coach, the type of coach who has usually felt the emotion of the players, the type of coach who can study who is the ideal player for the moment by searching into his eyes.

“I’ve usually been this way I’ve usually had the capacity to connect with all the guys at just about every position given that I’ve been right here,” he mentioned. “Me becoming capable to effect these guys on and off the field is massive for me. I do not know if it would be superior for me to go to the press box ideal now.

“One of the players asked me nowadays when we broke a massive run, ‘Coach, I’m applied to seeing you operating subsequent to him. I didn’t see you down there with him.’ That was type of weird and I told him, ‘You’ve got to quit me if I’m operating down the field.’ I’ll maintain signaling the plays, but that is going to be one particular of the greatest adjustments for me.”

Suitable now, it seems the play calling reverts back into Neal Brown’s hands, some thing he did a lot more and a lot more toward the finish of final season when points had been not going properly with Harrell calling the plays.

Scott can manage that due to the fact there’s so significantly else involved in what he’s undertaking.

“Calling plays is a huge deal, but just the organization element of it is critical. All the suggestions place forth, to script it and run the plays. From late Sunday to late Monday, I’ve been in this workplace, just to run this practice.”

Scott calls himself a detail-oriented man.

“I’m huge about undertaking the small points ideal,” he admitted. “I’m a higher power guy who pays consideration to particulars. If we can do the small points ideal, we can make huge points take place. We’re a talented group, skilled group, veteran group outdoors of the receiver spot.”

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