UN Treaty to Address Global Plastic Pollution Crisis

Plastic pollution is a serious environmental issue that poses a threat to communities and human health. As plastic breaks down, it turns into microplastics and nanoplastics, which allows it to spread globally. This year alone, over 430 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide, but this number is expected to triple by 2060. If this increase in production continues unchecked, it could result in almost 4 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, making it difficult to achieve net zero targets.

In response to the severity of the problem, the United Nations Environment Programme has proposed a new treaty aimed at reducing plastic production and increasing recycling efforts. This proposal has been submitted for negotiations and could become a legally binding agreement by next year. The swift action taken by the UNEP is significant in the world of global environmental agreements, reflecting the urgent need to address plastic pollution and its impact on the planet.

By Samantha Johnson

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