BETA Tech, an electric aircraft company based in Burlington, has received a $169M loan from the U.S. Export-Import Bank due to international interests. The loan was awarded to the company for its growth potential and current and potential customers in economies such as New Zealand, India, and Japan.

The loan was praised by President Biden as a valuable investment from the Asia Pacific into the U.S. private sector. Vermont Senator Peter Welch also applauded the move, stating that with the support of the EXIM Bank, BETA Technologies will continue to create sustainable jobs in Vermont, expand manufacturing production in America, and lead the world in innovative aviation technology.

This investment will allow BETA Tech to further its growth trajectory and serve a global customer base. It will not only benefit the company but also the economy by creating more sustainable jobs in Vermont and expanding manufacturing production in America. Senator Peter Welch emphasized the positive impact this loan will have on the innovative aviation technology industry and highlighted BETA Tech’s potential to lead the world in this area.

BETA Tech’s continued growth is a testament to their commitment to innovation and sustainability. This new funding will enable them to take their business to even greater heights and contribute significantly to both their local community and the global marketplace.

The Export-Import Bank is a critical tool for American businesses looking to compete globally. By providing access to financing for exports, it helps level playing field for American companies like BETA Tech against foreign competitors who may have an advantage due to government subsidies or other forms of financial support.

The impact of this loan on BETA Tech cannot be overstated. It not only provides much-needed funding for growth but also sends a signal that American innovation is highly valued by international partners.

In conclusion, this investment from the U.S Export-Import Bank is a significant boost for BETA Tech’s continued success story while contributing positively towards job creation, economic growth and technological advancement of aviation industry across globe.

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