The extremely initially broadcast of “Globe News Roundup,” on March 13, 1938, was hosted by legendary CBS newsman Robert Trout and featured the radio debut of Edward R. Murrow. The system would go on to revolutionize radio reporting and this year celebrates its 85th year on air.

This early file photo shows the Roundup’s original anchor, Robert Trout.

To mark the anniversary of the nation’s longest-operating news broadcast, CBS News Audio is launching the new “CBS News Roundup” podcast, which combines broadcasts of “Weekend Roundup,” “Globe News Roundup” early and late editions and “Kaleidoscope” into a single. The network is also releasing a remastered 1938 debut broadcast.

Trout and Townsend


A file photo of a print advertisement with two Roundup anchors, Robert Trout and Dallas Townsend.

Edward R. Murrow

CBS Photo Archive

Edward R. Murrow in London, England, May possibly 1940.

Robert Trout


Radio news pioneer Robert Trout is shown in this July 30, 1964, photo. Trout whose stamina and talent at ad-libbing informed listeners for seven decades for CBS and NPR, died Nov. 14, 2000. He was 91.

Robert Trout


Undated publicity photo of original Roundup anchor Robert Trout.

Howard K. Smith

Getty Pictures

American broadcast journalist Howard K. Smith sits behind a CBS radio microphone in the 1940s. Smith, who worked as a newscaster from Globe War II as a single of “Murrow’s Boys” at CBS to co-anchor and analyst for ABC died at the age of 87, February 15, 2002 at his house in Bethesda, MD.

Dallas Townsend


A file photo of longtime “Globe News Roundup” anchor Dallas Townsend.

V-E Day, May possibly 18, 1945


Original Roundup anchor Robert Trout on V-E Day, May possibly 18, 1945.

United Nations meeting, April 1946


Robert Trout holds a CBS microphone at a League of Nations/United Nations meeting in San Francisco, April 1946. Accompanying him, from decrease left. H.V. Kaltenborn, Chet Huntley, Eric Severeid and an unidentified particular person.

Finish of Globe War II


CBS radio newsmen broadcast from Instances Square in New York City as the crowd reacts to news of the Japanese surrender that brought an finish to Globe War II, Aug. 14, 1945.

Eisenhower’s inauguration

CBS Photo Archive

Edward R. Murrow in front of the White Residence on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Presidential Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 1953.

Trout visits CBS Radio News, 1999

Charlie Kaye/CBS

The original Roundup anchor, Robert Trout, on his final check out to CBS Radio News just before his death, December 1999. He died significantly less than a year later at the age of 91. 

From left: Then CBS Radio News basic manager Mike Freedman, Globe News Roundup producer Paul Farry, CBS Radio News executive producer Charlie Kaye, Dan Rather and retired Correspondent and “Murrow Boy” Richard C. Hottelet.

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