A dramatic turn of events occurred on Monday at a hospital in the Hamburg district of Heimfeld. While the mother was with her child for a routine pediatric examination, a young Bulgarian woman (18) entered the doctor’s office and took the baby, fleeing from the clinic. According to reports by Bild, it was later discovered that there was no baby and two groups of large families had gathered in front of the hospital, allegedly comprising around 40 people.

As tensions rose, the police were called to calm down the situation as people accused each other of kidnapping. However, just two hours later, the woman returned with the baby and handed it over to hospital staff. She was subsequently taken into custody and is currently being investigated on suspicion of kidnapping. It has been reported that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

The whole incident has left many unanswered questions about whether the child’s mother and the young woman know each other. The investigation is still ongoing as authorities continue to gather more information about this bizarre case.

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