Nasrallah delivers impromptu speech, warns “Israel is on the verge of disaster”

On April 3, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, delivered an impromptu speech that has been quoted by both Lebanese and Israeli media outlets. Nasrallah spoke about the Zionist enemy and their failure to comply with the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the demands of the international community. He emphasized that the armed confrontation on the Lebanese-Israeli border will only end if Israel ceases its fighting in Gaza and other fronts.

Nasrallah also highlighted that some people focus solely on the number of casualties and overlook the achievements of the resistance. He mentioned the impact of the Al-Aqsa flood in bringing Israel to the brink of extinction. Nasrallah urged for action to ensure victory in the battle, emphasizing the need to defeat the Zionist enemy and those who support them.

Apart from addressing the situation on the Lebanese-Israeli border, Nasrallah emphasized strategy and unity in achieving their goals. He called for a determined effort to emerge victorious, stating that their enemies must be defeated. Nasrallah’s speech sparked discussions and debates among both Lebanon and Israel, with his strong words resonating with his followers while sparking controversy among his critics.

In conclusion, Nasrallah’s speech highlights how important it is for Hezbollah to achieve victory in its struggle against Israel. His call for a determined effort has sparked discussions among both supporters and critics alike, highlighting how this conflict is far from over yet.

By Samantha Johnson

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