How to Make Chef Robert Irvine’s High-Protein Shake with Only 5 Ingredients

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is a fitness enthusiast and always travels with supplies to make protein shakes. One of his favorite recipes is a peanut butter banana shake that he likes to have after a workout, which has 44 grams of protein and a balance of healthy fats and carbs for energy.

When getting ready for a trip, Irvine always makes sure to bring along personal food prep tools, even if he’s traveling to film a show or take part in a charity event. He eats every two and a half hours to keep his muscles and metabolism strong, requiring him to pack protein powder and a blender to fuel his workouts while traveling 345 days of the year.

Irvine’s high-protein shake includes banana and peanut butter, made with protein powder, peanut butter, slivered almonds, a banana, and low-fat milk. It provides a balance of carbs for energy, protein for building muscle, and fats to help you feel full, making it the perfect post-workout meal for a busy schedule, according to Irvine.

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