Homeless encampments near Hollywood recording studio Sunset Sound negatively impacting business

The homeless community around Sunset Sound, a renowned recording studio in Hollywood, has been causing problems for the business. Over the past year, incidents like Taylor Swift getting accosted when she ventured outside the studio have had a negative impact on the business. The situation has escalated to the point where needles are being left in plain sight outside the studio and people are using the bathroom anywhere they please, resulting in property damage.

On Sunday, the studio was burglarized, with thieves stealing blank checks and cancelling their accounts. Sunset Sound president Paul Camarata attributes these issues to the homeless problem and says it’s threatening the existence of the iconic recording studio that has been in operation for 64 years.

The homeless population in the area has reached approximately 3,000 people, with only 400 shelter beds available. L.A City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez’s office is monitoring the situation and working with outreach teams to address it. However, Soto-Martinez declined an on-camera interview.

Despite these challenges, Sunset Sound remains committed to producing iconic records and preserving its legacy in Hollywood.

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