Is Modi’s economic agenda benefiting all citizens of India? | India Election 2024

India has recently been recognized as the world’s fifth-largest economy, with the World Bank acknowledging its leadership in South Asia. Over the past decade, much of this success can be attributed to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As he seeks a third term in office in the upcoming general elections, he is determined to continue capitalizing on this achievement and drive further growth for the country. While many Indians report feeling economically better off, there are concerns that the wealth gap in the country has widened.

Meanwhile, in contrast to India’s economic success, the United States is currently investing billions of dollars in cleaning up industrial facilities. This move aims to improve environmental conditions and public health. On a different note, Microsoft has recently announced that millions of users worldwide will now need to purchase Microsoft Office separately from the popular app Teams. This change is likely to have an impact on how users access and utilize these software tools.

By Samantha Johnson

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