The World Cup saw India come up short, finishing in second place. Despite the disappointment, the team gathered one last time to celebrate and award the best fielder medal. Fielding coach T Dilip presented the final medal to Virat Kohli, who had been a standout player throughout the tournament.

The announcement of the winner was made in creative ways throughout the tournament, with Ravindra Jadeja being declared as the recipient through a dressing-room TV in Mumbai. Suryakumar Yadav presented the medal with a touch of poetry after he won it in the previous match. In other locations, various creative methods were used to announce the recipients, including groundsmen holding up signs and Spidercam footage.

In Lucknow, Sachin Tendulkar announced Shreyas Iyer as the winner after India’s victory over England. Meanwhile, in other locations, giant screens on the ground and even local field crew were employed to make announcements for other recipients. Overall, India’s impressive run in the World Cup may have ended with a second place finish, but there was still plenty of excitement and celebration among fans and players alike as they celebrated their achievements on and off the field.

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