DES MOINES — Transgender students will not be permitted to use a public college restroom in Iowa that aligns with their gender identity below a bill that Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds was anticipated to sign into law immediately after it got final legislative approval Thursday.

The bill received assistance only from Republicans, who argued it was required to defend young children who may possibly really feel uncomfortable sharing a restroom with a student whose gender identity does not match the sex they had been assigned at birth. Opponents countered that the bill was unnecessary and could lead to harassment against transgender students.

The Home authorized the measure 57-39, with 5 Republicans joining the 34 Democrats present in opposing the proposal. The vote came a week immediately after the Senate authorized the bill.

Republican Rep. Steven Holt stated the bill “applies to absolutely everyone equally.” Holt stated young children have extended utilised various restrooms primarily based on biological and physiological traits and this tradition must continue.

“I do realize and empathize with a kid that may well not really feel comfy working with the bathroom of their biological sex. Accommodations must be created when achievable to preserve that kid comfy as they transform or use the restroom,” Holt stated. “However, that can not be carried out or must not be carried out at the expense of the privacy and security of our daughters.”

Democrats responded that there was no history of transgender students bothering other students in restrooms and that a new requirement would place trans young children in danger.

“All students deserve a secure college atmosphere,” stated Democratic Rep. Jennifer Konfrst. “Forcing transgender students into restrooms that do not match their gender identity puts their security at danger.”

The group Iowa Protected Schools, which advocates for LGBTQ students, stated that due to the fact gender identity was added to the Iowa Civil Rights Act in 2007, there had been no documented incidents of transgender persons acting inappropriately in restrooms.

“This bill is a answer to an imaginary difficulty, all for the sake of bullying trans young children,” Becky Tayler, the group’s executive director, stated in a statement.

Iowa is amongst numerous states with Republican leadership that have passed comparable legislation.

On Wednesday, lawmakers authorized such a bill in Arkansas and sent it to Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Alabama, Oklahoma and Tennessee also have passed laws with comparable restroom restrictions.

Reynolds, who has been supportive of measures that limit the teaching of transgender subjects in schools and restrict trans girls’ participation in sports, is anticipated to sign the bill. An additional bill authorized final week that awaits the governor’s signature would prohibit medical doctors from offering gender-affirming healthcare care, like puberty blockers and gender-affirming surgeries.

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