The war cabinet of Israel has approved the daily delivery of a limited amount of fuel to the Gaza Strip, allowing two trucks a day to enter. However, this decision has sparked criticism from some ministers and humanitarian aid organizations alike.

Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir have criticized the decision, arguing that it could be used by Hamas to further their terrorist activities. The director for the Gaza Strip of the UNRWA, Thomas White, also expressed concern over the restrictions on fuel entry imposed by Israeli authorities.

Humanitarian aid organizations have warned that a constant flow of fuel is necessary to alleviate severe shortages in Gaza. The offensive against the enclave was launched after attacks by Hamas, resulting in a significant number of casualties and a humanitarian crisis in the region.

The conflict has been ongoing for months, with concerns about the well-being of the people living in Gaza continuing to grow. Despite these concerns, Israeli authorities continue to maintain strict restrictions on fuel entry into the area, leading to criticism from both international organizations and local leaders alike.

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