Nir Barkat Urges Public to Boycott Strauss, a Major Food Company in Israel

The Israeli government has taken a stand against two major food companies, Strauss and Osem, due to their failure to meet their commitments to freeze prices amidst rising costs of living. Economy Minister Nir Barkat led the call for a boycott of these companies, stating that they continue to raise prices while distributing hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to shareholders.

The Strauss Group, which started as a small dairy producer in Nahariya in 1939, has grown into one of Israel’s largest food manufacturers, employing around 12,000 workers, with 6,500 based in Israel. However, Barkat criticized the company for not fulfilling its promises to consumers and for continuing to raise prices during difficult economic times.

Barkat announced that products from both companies that have increased their prices during the ongoing war without government approval will bear a black sticker, urging consumers to boycott them. This move is aimed at protecting consumers from unfair price hikes and holding businesses accountable for their actions.

In addition to targeting Strauss and Osem, Barkat also called for a boycott of other companies that take advantage of consumers during times of economic hardship. He emphasized the importance of punishing companies that prioritize profits over the needs of consumers and urged other businesses to follow suit. By placing companies on the economic blacklist/whitelist, the government aims to protect consumers from predatory pricing practices and ensure fair business practices throughout the industry.

By Samantha Johnson

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