Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu confirms upcoming Israeli Army incursion in Rafah

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has announced that military forces will be entering the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip to eliminate the remaining Hamas battalions. He has stated that the civilian population will have to leave the area, but has not provided details on where they should go.

The city of Rafah is the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu has emphasized that the military will continue their offensive in Rafah, despite concerns from international governments and organizations about the humanitarian impact of such an operation. The United Nations estimates that half of Gaza’s population is crowded in Rafah and surrounding areas, and it is also the main entry point for humanitarian aid to the Strip.

Some international allies of Israel have warned of the potential tragedy that could occur in the city if the Israeli Army enters, while countries related to the Palestinian cause have requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. However, Netanyahu has rejected these international calls and remains committed to the deployment of military forces in Rafah.

The prime minister has claimed that part of their war effort is to prevent civilian casualties, and that Hamas is using civilians to protect themselves. He has assured that

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