The Unraised Hand is Weakening Israel’s Diplomatic Defenses

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has had unexpected consequences. While Israel initially received international sympathy following the massacre, it is now facing ostracism. Anti-Israel demonstrations are taking place in Europe, and American gates are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The collapse of Israel’s diplomatic shield is evident with the US not opposing a resolution for a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza.

For 50 years, Israel relied on an American veto in the Security Council to protect its interests. However, the recent decision to allow a resolution for a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza signals a shift in US support. This decision could open the door to legal challenges and delegitimization of Israel on the international stage. Despite the limited timeframe of the resolution, its impact on Israel’s international standing is significant.

The parallels between this crisis and past diplomatic dynamics, such as the embargo imposed on South Africa in 1977, provide insights into potential consequences. This diplomatic disagreement between Israel and the US may lead to changes in rules of conduct and expectations. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether it will impact Israel’s relationship with the US and its standing in the international community.

By Samantha Johnson

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