Croatia will play the final match of the group stage of Euro qualifiers against Armenia on Tuesday. The winner will secure a spot in the tournament next year, while Wales’ draw with Armenia has put additional pressure on Croatia to win.

In a recent analysis, HRT expert commentator Tomislav Ivković discussed Croatia’s victory against Latvia and its impact on the national team. He pointed out that the 2-0 win was crucial for Croatia as it meant they would not have to face Wales in a playoff if Wales failed to win against Turkey.

Ivković noted that Dalić was visibly nervous during the game and that everyone was motivated to ensure victory. He also commented on Croatia’s tactical intelligence and discipline, which allowed them to control the game and prevent any chances for Latvia. The early goals helped prevent nervousness, and Modrić’s reaction when he scored his goal showed how important it was for him.

Kramarić played a key role in Croatia’s offense, while Guardiol performed well in his left back position. Pašalić and Baturina made their debuts against Latvia and impressed with their performances. Ivković highlighted Pašalić’s skills as a right winger with a fantastic left foot, and Baturin’s potential as an emerging talent in midfield.

With Armenia being the final opponent in the group stage, Ivković emphasized the importance of playing a tactically disciplined game to secure victory in the match. He stated that while there is no question about Croatia’s quality, it will be crucial to remain focused and avoid any mistakes that could lead to defeat. France has been identified as one of the favorites for next year’s Euro tournament.

In summary, Croatia needs to play tactically disciplined against Armenia in order to secure their place in Germany next year’s Euro tournament without leaving anything to chance.

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