Jacksonville Jaguars and city of Jacksonville reach $1.4 billion stadium agreement

The city of Jacksonville and the Jaguars have agreed on a $1.4 billion stadium deal to keep the team in the city for another 30 years, according to the Associated Press. Each side will contribute $625 million to the project, with no new taxes being levied by Jacksonville. An additional $150 million will go towards getting EverBank Stadium ready for construction to begin in 2026.

To finance its portion of the project, the city plans to move $600 million from a capital improvement plan and utilize revenue from an existing, half-penny sales tax. The city council is set to vote on the proposal next month, with a simple majority of the 19 members needed for approval. NFL owners will then vote on the deal in October, requiring 24 votes for final approval.

Construction is slated to begin after the 2025 season, with the Jaguars playing in a reduced capacity stadium in 2026 and using alternative locations like Gainesville or Orlando in 2027. The new 30-year lease agreement stipulates that the Jaguars will play all preseason and postseason games in Jacksonville, with one home game annually in London at Wembley Stadium.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan will cover any construction cost overruns and take on day-to-day operations of the stadium, as well as the majority of game-day expenses going forward. The 63,000-seat open-air stadium, which features a translucent covering, has

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