The Jaguars’ impressive victory over the Titans in Week 11 has put them in a commanding 7-3 lead in the AFC South. The team is hoping to replicate their strong run from mid-November of last year, when they won six out of their last seven games and ultimately claimed the division title.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence was instrumental in the Jaguars’ success on Sunday, running for two touchdowns and throwing for two more. He also hit Calvin Ridley with both of his touchdown passes, with Ridley having a productive day with seven catches for 103 yards.

Despite putting up a good fight, the Titans have struggled recently, going 3-14 in their last seven games. They seem to be struggling to come up with an effective game plan as they prepare for their next matchup.

Sunday’s game featured several highlights and two turnovers, but the Jaguars were able to maintain control throughout thanks to some strong defensive play. However, they were riddled with penalties which made it difficult for them to maintain momentum.

Overall, head coach Doug Pederson will be proud of his team’s performance and will look forward to taking on the Texans in Week 12. With a win there, he can ensure that his franchise quarterback has another big day and keep the Jaguars atop the AFC South standings.

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