The Tennessee Titans began the game with a strong showing, scoring a touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars after just over three minutes. The Jaguars had taken an early 7-0 lead, but the Titans were able to overcome this deficit thanks to a combination of good fortune and skilled play.

During their second possession, the Jaguars connected on a three-yard touchdown pass, with quarterback Trevor Lawrence finding wide receiver Calvin Ridley open for the score. However, the team suffered a setback when Brandon McManus’ extra point attempt was deflected by Titans player Brandon McManus. Despite this setback, the Jaguars continued to push forward and managed to maintain their lead.

On the other hand, the Titans started off slowly but gained momentum as they advanced into Jaguars territory with wide receiver Chris Moore’s impressive run of 38 yards. However, their drive came to an end when Will Levis fumbled on a snap and was recovered by Foye Oluokon of the Jaguars. Oluokon’s impact was felt throughout the game as he recorded a sack earlier in play.

As the first quarter drew to a close, it appeared that the Jaguars had an advantage over their opponents thanks to their early lead and strong defensive play by Oluokon. However, both teams were determined to take home victory and neither would give up easily.

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