Jim Viscardi appointed as Vice President of Business Development at Image Comics

Jim Viscardi, a well-known figure in the comic book industry, has recently joined Image Comics as the VP of Business Development. He was previously the co-founder of comibook.com, which was later sold to CBS Interactive. At Image, Viscardi will report to Eric Stephenson, who serves as the publisher and chief creative officer.

Before joining Image Comics, Viscardi worked at Marvel Entertainment where he was involved in marketing, communications, and retailer relations. Noteworthy projects during his time at Marvel included the 2012 Avengers vs. X-Men event and the introduction of Miles Morales as Spider-Man in 2011. Stephenson mentioned that he first met Viscardi around a decade ago and admired his passion for comics. Despite their paths not crossing earlier, both are now looking forward to collaborating at Image Comics.

At Image Comics, Viscardi will be contributing to the legacy of fostering creative independence and strategic business growth that benefits partners in the Direct Market and beyond. He emphasized the importance of pushing boundaries, inspiring innovation, and amplifying the voices of creators worldwide. With his experience in marketing and communications, Viscardi is expected to bring valuable insights to help drive growth at Image Comics while supporting creativity and empowering artists.

By Samantha Johnson

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