JMU Men’s Basketball 2024 Transfer Portal Tracker – Stay Updated with JMU Sports News

With the departure of head coach Mark Byington and graduations, JMU men’s basketball is expected to seek additions from the transfer portal in the upcoming season. The Dukes need to replenish their team for the upcoming year.

Rising junior guard Xavier Brown has announced his return to JMU, which is a significant move for the team as he showcased his scoring abilities and energetic defense during his sophomore season. He has the potential to be a standout player in the Sun Belt conference.

As of now, there have been no new additions through the transfer portal. However, several departures will impact the team’s roster for next season. Terrence Edwards, who was named 2023-24 Sun Belt Player of the Year, is planning to test the NBA waters. Standout freshman Jaylen Carey has transferred to Vanderbilt, where he is expected to make significant contributions. Raekwon Horton, a junior transfer, also left JMU after making an impact during his time with the team. Justin Amadi, a forward who missed last season due to injury, has also decided to depart from the team.

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