The Denver Nuggets faced off against the Detroit Pistons on Monday night and expressed their frustration with officiating, following a loss in Cleveland the previous night. Coach Michael Malone, already vocal about the officiating due to the team’s low free throw rate, was on the referees from the start and was ejected before the first quarter ended. Before he left the court, Nikola Jokic also expressed his frustration and got ejected with a very light second technical.

The ejections of both Malone and Jokic were questionable as they were expressing frustration that is common among players and coaches in the NBA. This has brought attention to the quick-trigger and thin-skinned nature of NBA refereeing this season. Some have suggested that a balance needs to be struck between maintaining control of the game and allowing for passionate play and expression of emotion from players.

While it is important to maintain authority in games, others argue that allowing players to show their emotions can lead to more passionate and compelling play. It is seen as a trade-off for better overall play and a better product for audiences. The ejections of important players can be seen as detrimental to the entertainment value of

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