Jon Stewart Makes a Comeback to a More Mature, Niche Audience — on Every TV Screen

Jon Stewart is set to return to “The Daily Show” for the first time since 2015, with many changes to the format and target audience. Recent trends show that the average age of a “Daily Show” viewer has gotten much older while the show’s viewership has also decreased significantly. This pattern reflects the overall decline of traditional television as consumers shift from cable to streaming platforms.

The sudden shift towards streaming platforms has brought about a decline in prime-time TV viewership across broadcast and cable networks, with the median age of the viewer rising from 51 to 62. This trend is also evident in late-night TV, where Stewart was once a beloved figure, but now faces challenges in terms of both viewership and demographics.

While these trends have been predictable, Netflix’s increasing popularity has undermined traditional television networks, with members boasting stakes in both markets. The transition is changing the market significantly, leaving traditional television networks in a state of flux.

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