Mostly teenagers and students participate in the fourth day of anti-Israeli marches in Jordan

In the Jordanian capital, anti-Israeli protests have been held for four consecutive evenings near the Israeli Embassy. Despite the protesters’ attempts to approach the embassy, they were met with resistance from the police and gendarmerie, resulting in several arrests. The number of participants in the demonstrations has decreased compared to earlier days, with most of them being teenagers and students.

The demonstrators are calling for concrete actions from the Jordanian government to halt what they perceive as Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. They are demanding that all agreements with Israel be annulled, including the peace treaty (Wadi Arba agreement) and the gas agreement. Additionally, they are pushing for a halt on transporting goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and a ban on exporting vegetables.

These protests highlight continued frustration and anger towards Israel, with younger generations taking a stand against unjust actions. The demands made by the demonstrators show their desire for stronger support from their government in protecting Palestine and opposing Israeli policies.

By Samantha Johnson

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