Instances of Kela subsidy abuse are infrequent

In recent years, Kela has reported a decline in suspicions of abuse in some social benefits. Despite this, the number of suspected abuses remains relatively low, with just under half of all paid benefits being suspected of abuse last year. Basic income support had the most suspicions of abuse, followed by unemployment insurance and general housing support. However, previous years saw unemployment insurance accounting for the largest share of suspected abuse.

Kela’s income register system has played a significant role in reducing suspicions of abuse in unemployment insurance and housing allowance. The system is designed to monitor payments made to customers and detect any intentional attempts to receive more than they are entitled to or fraudulent behavior.

It is important to note that cases of suspected abuse registered by Kela are based on customer consultations and decisions made on the matter. Abuse is considered when a beneficiary intentionally tries to obtain a benefit unjustifiably or more than they are entitled to. This can include falsifying information on application forms or hiding assets from Kela when applying for benefits.

Overall, while there have been instances of suspected abuse in social benefits, Kela’s efforts to monitor payments through its income register system have helped reduce these concerns and ensure that benefits are distributed fairly and efficiently.

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