Donte DiVincenzo sets new Knicks record with 11 3-pointers in Pistons game

Donte DiVincenzo, a former Villanova standout with a history of success in March Madness, made franchise history for the New York Knicks on Monday. The guard scored a remarkable 40 points against the Detroit Pistons, breaking a Knicks record for most 3-pointers in a single game with 11.

With just over three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and the Knicks comfortably ahead, DiVincenzo was tied for the record with J.R. Smith and Evan Fournier at 10 3-pointers each. Confidently taking a shot from beyond the arc, he broke the record and solidified his place in Knicks lore. The crowd erupted in cheers as head coach Tom Thibodeau gave him a well-deserved curtain call.

DiVincenzo was one of several Knicks players to score in double figures in the victory over the struggling Pistons, who have faced numerous challenges this season including a record-tying losing streak. The guard’s performance helped the Knicks maintain their position in the playoff race in the competitive Eastern Conference, improving their record to 43-28.

On Monday night, DiVincenzo shot an impressive 14 of 23 from the field and 11 of 20 from 3-point range, adding to his impressive stat line with five rebounds, two assists, and two steals. Meanwhile, the Pistons fell to bottom of league standings with a league-worst record of 12-60. Every aspect of DiVincenzo’s performance contributed to his place in Knicks history and reinforced his importance to the team as they push for a postseason berth.

The Madison Square Garden crowd showed their appreciation for DiVincenzo’s historic performance as he scored an incredible number of points against Detroit Pistons on Monday night.

In late fourth quarter when Knicks were leading by double digits against Pistons’ struggling team who had been facing various challenges throughout this season including longest losing streak ever recorded,

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