At 43, I was diagnosed with autism: “My mother remains in disbelief”

As I sat in the doctor’s office, awaiting my diagnosis, everything began to make sense. The struggles I faced in job interviews and as a child were suddenly explained. My ADHD was finally acknowledged, shedding light on the challenges I had faced throughout my life. It was unfortunate that I was not aware of these conditions earlier on. If I had known about my Asperger’s, I may not have pursued a master’s degree in business administration at Bar-Ilan.

Growing up in New York and moving to Israel at 22, Tanenbaum reflects on the lack of awareness surrounding autism during his childhood. His family did not recognize any signs of disability, even today his mother questions his diagnosis. The discovery of having Asperger’s did not bring him relief as expected. Instead of feeling relieved, he found himself feeling angry about the challenges he had faced throughout his life.

Dr. Amir Tal, the chief scientist of Beit Eckstein of the Danal Group, notes the recent shift in focus towards addressing the unique needs of adults on the autism spectrum. In the past, research tended to prioritize the needs of children overlooking the fact that these children grow up to become adults with their own set of challenges. While strides have been made to better understand the needs of adults with autism, there is still a lack of systematic data on late diagnoses and their consequences on individuals and society.

In this digital age, it is crucial for us to create a comprehensive database to track those who receive late autism diagnoses. This data would allow for targeted therapy tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of individuals diagnosed later in life. By acknowledging and addressing these specific needs, we can empower this population to thrive and better support them within our communities.

By Samantha Johnson

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