During a State-wide orientation programme for Legal Aid Defense Counsels (LADC) organized by the AP State Legal Services Authority (APSLSA) and the National Legal Services Authority (NLSA), High Court Judge, Justice B.V.L.N. Chakravarthy, emphasized the crucial role of electronic evidence in cyber offenses and urged defense counsels to gain knowledge of digital technology.

Justice Chakravarthy stressed the importance of defense counsels being well-versed in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 and the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000, given that many advocates lack expertise in electronic records. He highlighted the necessity for defense counsels to have a comprehensive understanding of digital technology, as electronic evidence plays a vital role in all types of crimes.

Several speakers at the event addressed topics such as the ‘Significance and objectives of LADC Scheme’, ‘Art of Cross Examination’, and ‘Professional Ethics’. The initiative aimed to provide defense counsels with additional skills and knowledge in the field of law to better serve their clients.

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