L&T Technology Services experienced a 2% increase in stock price on Monday after announcing a partnership with NVIDIA to develop software-defined architectures for medical devices focused on endoscopy. The collaboration aims to improve image quality and scalability within the medical industry, addressing challenges such as cost, availability, and dependencies associated with custom hardware components.

The architecture is designed to be a scalable platform that supports multiple applications and provides real-time decision-making capabilities. L&T Technology Services highlighted the architecture’s image processing pipeline, which includes features for noise reduction, edge and contrast improvement, texture and color enrichment, and speckle correction.

The partnership also involves the development of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning models to detect, identify, and classify polyps during colonoscopies. This solution aims to provide low-latency data transfer and superior image processing without performance bottlenecks, enhancing customer experience.

According to Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at NVIDIA, the collaboration offers a comprehensive solution for customers seeking to transition to a software-defined business model through real-time AI applications.

In October 2023, Amit Chadha announced that L&T Technology Services plans to recruit 2,000 freshers this year. Over 1,000 new hires have already been onboarded, with the remaining set to join in the upcoming quarters.

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