Croatia is on the brink of qualifying for the European Championship. Just two years ago, they defeated Russia in a rainy match at Poljud and qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. Two years prior to that, they won against Slovakia in Rujevica and won the Euros. Tonight at 8:45 p.m., Vatreni will play a crucial match against Armenia to secure their spot in Germany for the Euros. A win would grant them a visa, but even a draw could suffice if Wales and Turkey tie. Additionally, finishing first place in the group is within reach if Croatia beats Armenia and Wales loses to Turkey.

Luka Modrić may be playing his final match at Maksimir, where over 20 thousand fans are expected to witness this historic event. We invite you to participate in our survey and predict the outcome of this high-stakes game. Will Croatia celebrate lightly or will Armenia pull off an upset?

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