On Sunday, the Jets lost left tackle Mekhi Becton to an ankle injury during their game against the Bills. He was unable to return and was carted back to the locker room for further evaluation. Head coach Robert Saleh stated that Becton would undergo more tests, including an MRI on Monday, to assess the extent of the injury. In his absence, rookie Carter Warren stepped in to fill the position.

The Jets have now used seven different offensive line combinations this season, and the results of Monday’s tests will determine if they’ll need to use an eighth combination for their upcoming game against the Dolphins on Friday. With each new combination comes a new set of challenges and opportunities for growth. The team has been working hard to improve their offensive line play, but the constant changes have made it difficult to find consistency.

Mekhi Becton has been a key player on the Jets’ offensive line since he was drafted in 2020. He has shown great potential and has been praised for his athleticism and versatility. However, injuries have plagued him throughout his career, and he has missed several games due to various ailments. The team will hope that this latest injury is not too severe and that he can return to action soon.

In the meantime, Carter Warren will continue to fill in at left tackle until Becton is able to return. Warren is a promising young player who has shown flashes of talent in his limited time on the field. With experience playing both guard and tackle, he is well-equipped to handle whatever challenges come his way.

The Jets have struggled with consistency on their offensive line this season, but they are determined to improve before their game against the Dolphins on Friday. Whether they need an eighth combination or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – they will continue to work hard and fight for success on every play.

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