Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has criticized OpenAI for not consulting with the company before firing former CEO Sam Altman. Nadella believes that it was the “very least” that OpenAI’s board could have done given Microsoft’s investment in the company and its use of OpenAI’s technology. He added that as a partner, he feels that he deserves to be consulted on big decisions.

Nadella made these comments during an interview with Kara Swisher’s podcast, where he also announced that he had hired Altman and former OpenAI president Greg Brockman to head Microsoft’s new advanced AI research team. However, this move seems to have sparked controversy, with nearly all of OpenAI’s staff threatening to quit unless the board resigns and Altman returns as CEO.

Nadella remains confident that Microsoft will continue to be a supportive partner to OpenAI and provide a place for all AI talent to come and work on their mission. Representatives for Microsoft and OpenAI did not respond immediately to requests for comment from Business Insider outside regular business hours.

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