Legislative leaders discuss sports betting and the sale of beer in grocery stores

As the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce gathers in St. Paul for its annual session, a tradition has been established to hold a lightning round with four legislative leaders and KSTP-TV political reporter Tom Hauser. During this rapid-fire session, each leader was asked a series of questions, providing quick answers that offered glimpses into the legislature’s priorities.

The legislators discussed various topics, including the chances of a sports betting bill passing, which colleague from the opposition they would welcome into their caucus, whether state permitting is onerous or appropriate, the sale of strong beer in grocery stores, reforming the Met Council, a constitutional amendment for a full-time Legislature, and how their business communities described the legislative session. Additionally, they made predictions for the upcoming legislative session.

This session provides valuable insight into the possible legislative priorities for the next year and helps stakeholders understand where their elected representatives stand on critical issues facing Minnesota businesses and communities.

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