Survey Reveals Minnesota’s Low 3.8% Uninsured Rate

Last year, Minnesota reported a record low of 3.8% of residents without health insurance, down from the previous survey conducted in 2021. While this reduction is not statistically significant, it is an estimated 11,000 fewer individuals who were uninsured. Access to healthcare services can be costly for many people, and while more individuals have insurance coverage than ever before, concerns have been raised about financial constraints that prevent them from getting necessary care.

The Medicaid program played a significant role in expanding access to health insurance in Minnesota during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as eligibility checks resumed in 2023, some residents lost Medicaid coverage, leading to gaps in insurance coverage. Long-term uninsurance remains a concern for many Minnesotans who have been without coverage for over a year. Despite the decrease in the uninsured rate, Dr. Brooke Cunningham cautions that these rates are subject to change.

Stefan Gildemeister emphasizes the importance of addressing gaps in coverage and ensuring that individuals have access to consistent and affordable healthcare options. The increase in prior public program coverage among the short-term uninsured could signal challenges transitioning to other forms of coverage. It is essential to continue efforts to improve access to affordable care for all Minnesotans.

While progress has been made towards reducing the number of uninsured individuals in Minnesota, challenges remain when it comes to ensuring that everyone can afford necessary healthcare services. Ongoing efforts are needed to address financial constraints and ensure equitable access to healthcare for all members of society.

By Samantha Johnson

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