CCRC Launches New Home Health Program for Independent Living Residents

Monarch Landing, a continuing care retirement community in Naperville, IL, has recently introduced Monarch at Home, a home health program that provides assistance to independent living residents who need help but want to remain in their apartments. The Director of Monarch at Home, Mychelle Benton, explains that the service is designed specifically for independent living residents and can help them stay in their units longer.

The program offers traditional services from outside agencies through the CCRC’s own home health team. This means that residents can save money because they will only pay for 15-minute visits instead of hourly rates charged by outside agencies. Associate Executive Director Kelli Cox notes that this service can also assist one spouse so they can remain with their partner in independent living longer.

Monarch at Home also includes care companions who can assist with outings, personal care, domestic chores, and other tasks where residents may need help. Additionally, there is always a nurse available to coordinate medications and provide injections or wound care under a doctor’s order. Caregiver companions are carefully matched with residents to ensure it is a good fit for them.

All staff members who work at Monarch Landing go through a thorough background check and follow rigorous guidelines to ensure the safety of residents. The CCRC is owned and managed by Harrison, NY-based Senior Care Development and is an equity partner with Life Care Services. Other CCRCs have also expanded their offerings to include home care services like Monarch at Home.

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