Raúl González (Barceló) is known for being able to sleep easily, even while standing upright

Raúl González was born in Guardo, a small town in Palencia, Spain in 1961. His father was stationed there for work and he was born on International Tourism Day, which added to the uniqueness of his life. Growing up in Bilbao until the age of 23, González’s love for traveling and meeting new people has been a constant throughout his life. Despite the exhaustion that comes with extensive travel, he finds motivation in the opportunity to learn new things and stay informed about hotel operations.

With over 200 flights per year under his belt, González travels almost every workday to maintain relationships with team and partners. As he grew older and his responsibilities increased, González shifted away from being just an economist to becoming more of a psychologist. He values personal relationships and team growth above all else, even if it means sacrificing technical proficiency.

González is also an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys playing paddle tennis and tennis two to three times a week. In addition to sports, he also enjoys reading books such as “Damn Rome” by Santiago Posteguillo. When not working or playing sports, González prioritizes spending quality time with his family while emphasizing maintaining balance between work and personal life.

Managing stress is crucial for González given the demands of running a non-conformist family business. He believes in approaching challenging situations with humility and listening skills rather than aggression or dominance. Reflecting on past decisions and constantly seeking ways to improve are key aspects of his approach to leadership that have helped him succeed in business over the years.

In conclusion, Raúl González is a unique individual who thrives on traveling and meeting new people while balancing his demanding job responsibilities with his personal life. His approach to leadership involves taking risks, being fearless, having touch of naivety when navigating complexities of business world along with managing stress effectively through friendly demeanor and active listening skills

By Samantha Johnson

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