High-tech employee’s heart attack during connection flights deemed work-related injury

The plaintiff suffered a heart attack during a work trip, and he filed a claim for compensation from the National Insurance Institute. However, the institute objected to accepting the claim, stating that the plaintiff’s pre-existing heart problems and his decision not to seek medical treatment while traveling were factors that contributed to the heart attack.

Judge Ariela Gilzer-Katz of the Tel Aviv Labor Court determined that the number of connecting flights and the duration of the flight constituted an unusual event. As a result, she ordered a medical expert to examine the causal connection between the heart attack and the flight. The expert confirmed the connection and recognized the heart attack as a work accident.

The medical committee initially rejected the plaintiff’s claim, stating that his medical condition was caused by his previous illness and that there was no relationship between his surgical scar and his work accident. However, after filing an appeal, they accepted his claims, determining a disability allowance of 32% for him without any reduction for his previous illness. He was entitled to retroactive payment and future monthly allowance.

The National Insurance Institute responded by emphasizing their respect for Judge Katz’s ruling but expressed their doubts about whether frequent work flights could cause such severe health effects in such a short time frame. They highlighted their concerns regarding lack of clear evidence linking each individual component of travel with this specific incident.

In conclusion, despite initial objections from the National Insurance Institute, Judge Katz recognized causal connection between flight and plaintiff’s heart attack which led him to receive financial compensation for his work-related injury. This case serves as reminder that it is essential to provide proper support and assistance when dealing with such cases involving complex issues like health effects caused by work travel.

By Samantha Johnson

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