Denmark closes airspace and busy shipping lane following missile malfunction

In Denmark, a navy vessel failed a missile test, causing part of the country’s airspace and one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world to be closed. The National Maritime Authority issued a warning to ships not to sail through the Great Belt strait, which is the main maritime access to the Baltic Sea.

The military stated that the issue occurred during a mandatory test where the missile launcher could not be deactivated. This posed a risk as the missile could potentially fire and fly for several kilometers until it was deactivated. A naval exercise was taking place in the area at the time of incident.

The warning covered an area of 5-7 kilometers of the Great Belt bridge, but traffic on it continued as usual. The missile was launched from the frigate Niels Juel, with experts being called upon to investigate and resolve the issue. It was reported that this failure only affected

By Samantha Johnson

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