Gordan Giricek (46) had an illustrious career as a basketball player, representing teams such as Cibona, CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce, and five clubs in the NBA. He donned the jerseys of the Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic, Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers, and Phoenix Suns. To this day, stories about his early days in Memphis continue to circulate among fans.

One particularly popular story involves former playmaker Jason Williams reminiscing about Giricek’s arrival in Memphis. According to Williams, despite already having professional experience under his belt, Giricek was not considered a “rookie” by most. However, teammates Ike Austin and Grant Long decided to put him to the test by asking him to bring them donuts the next morning. When Giricek failed to deliver on their request, they took matters into their own hands by throwing away his clothes, tying him up and leaving him naked in a container filled with ice and water.

Despite these memorable experiences from his past, Giricek is now focusing on enjoying life and what he believes he deserves. He no longer seeks public attention and is content with living a quiet life away from the spotlight.

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