Father brought her body to work in a bag: New disturbing details in American girl’s disappearance case

Five years have passed since Harmony Montgomery vanished without a trace in Manchester, New Hampshire at the age of five. The gruesome details that have emerged in her case have left many questioning the whereabouts of her alleged killer, her father, Adam Montgomery.

Despite the fact that Harmony’s body has not been found, new evidence has been presented in court that points to Montgomery as the one responsible for her disappearance. The most damning piece of evidence is testimony from Crystal Sorey, Harmony’s mother, who has testified against Montgomery.

According to Sorey, Montgomery took his daughter’s “butchered” body to various hideouts, including the restaurant where he worked for days. He then allegedly disposed of the body as “waste from the previous day” at the restaurant, leaving it in a bag along with food and other ingredients in a freezer. This revelation has led to suspicion among Montgomery’s colleagues who became suspicious after noticing the bag he consistently took to the restaurant and stored in the freezer.

As Montgomery goes on trial for his daughter’s murder, this new evidence is sure to be a key factor in determining his guilt or innocence. If convicted, he faces life imprisonment without parole.

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