A Scientific Approach to Developing Sector-Specific SDG Investment Strategies

Private investors have long sought to align their investments with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, assessing a company’s impact on these goals can be challenging. Current methods often lack scientific basis and transparency, which is why a new evidence-based review approach has been introduced for investors to evaluate the impact of economic sectors on individual SDGs. The authors have developed a traffic-light scoring system to assess sector-level impacts on SDGs 1-16.

In their initial review, the authors examined the impacts of 81 economic sectors on the SDGs. They found that environmental SDGs are largely negatively influenced by most economic sectors. Additionally, primary sector activities had the most negative impact on a larger number of SDGs compared to other sectors. To demonstrate this further, the authors used Causal Loop methodology as a case study for the agricultural sector.

Their research highlights three key considerations that are essential for sustainable investment strategies: impact shadows, spillover effects across different SDGs and the hierarchical nature of the SDGs must be considered when formulating investment strategies to ensure a holistic approach to sustainable development. By taking these factors into account, investors can make informed decisions that will positively impact society while also achieving financial goals.

By Samantha Johnson

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