WSJ Reporter Torry to Focus on Western U.S. Economy

Harriet Torry, a distinguished journalist with 14 years of experience at the Wall Street Journal, has been appointed to cover the Western U.S. economy for the paper. She will be based in Houston, where she will focus on economic developments in the region, as well as covering the Federal Reserve. Prior to this role, Torry covered the U.S. economy with a particular emphasis on consumers from the Washington D.C. bureau. Her expertise also includes reporting on financial matters and government policies that impact the economy.

Chris Roush is a renowned business journalist who has spent an extensive career working for respected news organizations such as Bloomberg News, Businessweek, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Tampa Tribune, and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. He was previously Walter E. Hussman Sr. Distinguished Professor in business journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill and is now dean of the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. In addition to his impressive journalistic career, Roush is also an accomplished author known for writing “Show me the Money: Writing Business and Economics Stories for Mass Communication,” as well as “Thinking Things Over,” a detailed biography of former Wall Street Journal editor Vermont Royster.

In other news, Harriet Torry’s appointment to cover the Western U.S. economy for the Wall Street Journal marks an exciting new chapter in her illustrious career in business journalism. With her wealth of knowledge and experience covering financial matters and government policies that impact the economy, Torry is well-equipped to provide insightful analysis and reporting on economic developments in Houston and beyond.

On a related note, Chris Roush’s appointment as dean of communications at Quinnipiac University comes after an impressive career spanning over four decades in business journalism and academia alike

By Samantha Johnson

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