Countdown to the Todde Council: Revealing the First Names of Sardinia

In the aftermath of her election victory on 25 February, the new president of the Sardinia Region, Alessandra Todde, is focused on finalizing an agreement with the centre-left Campo Largo parties for the formation of the future council. The selection of councilors will be guided by criteria such as competence, gender equality, representativeness, and territoriality.

As the coalition forces’ indications are taken into account, the Democratic Party, which led in coalition elections, has proposed names for key positions to Todde. These include the presidency and vice-presidency of the council and various departments. Meanwhile, Sinistra Futura may be assigned control over Tourism, Crafts and Commerce.

Alleanza Verdi Sinistra could be responsible for public works while Orizzonte Comune seeks control over Health and Work. The possibility of a technician being appointed to head up Health department is under consideration. Various potential candidates for these positions are being considered, including outgoing regional councilors who have been re-elected in their respective areas.

Alessandra Todde and her team are working tirelessly to ensure that the future council reflects diverse interests and priorities within Sardinia Region. As final decisions are made and roles distributed among coalition parties, they remain committed to creating a council that represents all voices in region’s society.

By Samantha Johnson

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