NFL Teams Reject Proposed Fourth-and-20 Onside Kick Replacement

The Eagles’ proposal to replace the onside kick with a fourth-and-20 play was rejected by NFL teams during a recent league meeting. This proposed rule would have allowed teams to line up their offense on the field instead of kicking off after scoring a touchdown or field goal. Teams would have had the opportunity to convert a fourth-and-20 play from their own 20-yard line to keep possession of the ball.

Despite facing resistance from traditionalists within the league, discussions around alternative options for the onside kick continue each offseason. The Competition Committee Chairman, Rich McKay, acknowledged that more talks will be held in the future, even though this specific proposal was rejected.

The NFL is currently considering implementing a low-impact kickoff rule similar to what was seen in the XFL. Once the kickoff rules for the 2024 season are finalized, the league may revisit discussions on alternative options for the onside kick. For now, no changes have been made and the traditional onside kick remains the standard for NFL games.

By Samantha Johnson

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