The NFL trade deadline has been extended until after Week 9.

In the upcoming 2024 season, the NFL trade deadline will be moved to the Tuesday after Week 9, following approval during the league’s annual meetings. The initial proposal to move the deadline back two weeks after Week 10 was submitted by Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry and supported by several teams. However, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers’ proposal to push it back only one week that received the necessary three-fourths approval to pass.

One of the main reasons behind Berry’s proposal was to provide teams with more flexibility as they head into the second half of the regular season. The trade deadline had not been adjusted when the NFL transitioned to an 18-week regular season, and Berry argued that moving it to after Week 10 would allow teams to remain competitive and have additional flexibility in their decision-making process. Over the past decade, the earliest that a team has been eliminated from postseason contention was in Week 11, occurring in 2014 and 2016.

The NFL trade deadline has been set for the Tuesday after Week 8 since 2012. This upcoming season, teams will have until 4 p.m. ET on November 5 to finalize any trades before the start of the second half of

By Samantha Johnson

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