Mislav Oršić’s time in Southampton as a Trabzonspor player has not been ideal, with an injury sustained during his first training session and no debut. Despite this setback, the Croatian national team player is determined to turn things around.

In recent news, Oršić announced on social media that he is back on the field after four months of being sidelined with a knee injury. This positive development will be much appreciated by his fans and supporters. However, it’s worth noting that Nenad Bjelica, who had insisted on Oršić’s signing, is no longer part of the Turkish first league team’s coaching staff. This change in management could impact Oršić’s chances of playing.

Other players like Filip Benković and Tonio Teklić have also faced challenges since Bjelica’s departure from the club. Benković was previously a regular starter but has now been relegated to the bench, while Teklić continues to alternate between the bench and stands. It seems that joining a club because of a coach can have its drawbacks.

The uncertain future of Oršić and other Croatian players at Trabzonspor is further complicated by the fact that the team has improved significantly since Bjelica left. In their last four games, they have registered three victories and a draw, raising questions about what plans Abdullah Avci has for Oršić.

Overall, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for Mislav Oršić in Trabzonspor and how he will fare under new coach Abdullah Avci. However, one thing is clear – he is determined to overcome his setbacks and make a name for himself in Turkey.

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