As the Chairman of the Capital Markets Board (CMB) of Turkey, İbrahim Ömer Gönül has addressed the rapidly increasing number of investors in the Stock Exchange and public offerings in the last year. He emphasized that it is crucial to increase demand for the stock market and urged new investors to approach the market with a logical investment strategy.

Gönül acknowledged that the increasing interest in the stock market is driven by people seeking new ways to grow their money. However, he highlighted that care must be taken when considering deposit interest rates’ potential impact on public offerings and stock market interest, emphasizing the need for responsible market regulation.

The CMB has received nearly 100 public offering applications, highlighting the importance of evaluating companies’ ability to meet market demands and necessary conditions. Gönül also emphasized that it is essential to carefully consider the size of public offerings and their demand before approving them.

One significant trend brought about by increasing public offerings in Turkey is an influx of new investors who may not have basic investment knowledge. Gönül warned these investors to approach public offerings with a professional investor mindset and seek guidance from financial professionals.

When asked about future approval processes, Gönül reiterated his commitment to caution and his principles while continuing to act cautiously. He also addressed challenges posed by large volume transactions and movements in the stock market, emphasizing the need for close monitoring and working with exchanges to maintain market stability.

In conclusion, Gönül’s statements underscored the importance of approaching investing in stocks with a rational strategy and informed decision-making while maintaining responsible market regulation.

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